13 BATS + KLOBBER en Madrid - Wurlitzer

13 BATS + KLOBBER en Madrid - Wurlitzer

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13 BATS + KLOBBER en Madrid - Wurlitzer

13 BATS + KLOBBER en Madrid - Wurlitzer


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Entradas 13 BATS + KLOBBER en Madrid - Wurlitzer

PUNK `N´ROLL SHOW with Klobber and 13Bats

13 Bats  

Formed in late 2006 in the basement of Vallekas Tattoo Zone(Madrid) by Dani (vocals and bass) and Albert (guitar). The first two songs penned are, "No Control" and "Jack Daniel's end".

They add drummer Carter (San Diego, CA) to complete the trio. A local Madrid label Potential Hardcore releases their first album, 13 Bats, which is recorded in the summer of 2008 with sound engineer JM Rosillo.

Their second album Punk Physical Therapy is recorded in their own studio in Vallekas in early 2011, it’s also published by Potential Hardcore and aided in the distribution by Subterfuge records. It’s an album that sounds more punk than the former.

In February 2013, their third album, La Venganza del Sol is released and more accurately reflects their particular sound: late 70’s to early 80’s punk, 50’s shuffles and RnR rhythms, and early 70’s soul grooves.

In February 2014, they play US for the first time, 6 concerts in Southern California; Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego county, where they play in the “Rev it up!”, and places like the House of Blues in San Diego. In September, they share a 4 track - 7” vinyl with a band from Pekin, "Rolling Bowling". On the single appears an unreleased song "Globotox", and a live version of “Muck Crank”, a track from their second album. The single is released in China by the record label Genjing, and in Spain by Potential Hardcore.

Next Move is their next work recorded once again by JM Rosillo in Audiomatic between 2017 and 2018. In addition, a short film, Dead Man's Destiny (written and directed by Dani) is released . They also tour in Brazil playing in the Psycho Carnival in Curitiba and Rock and Beer in Uberlandia. They play Rebellion Festival in Blackpool in 2017 and 2018 and Vive Le Rock mentions them in the reviews.

They take a breather from November 2018 till May 2019 and start back up with a new guitarist, Fede (Cádiz), who’s an old mate from the Vallekas circle of friends who has played in bands with Dani and Albert before 13 Bats formed.

Dani Bats; Double Bass and Voice Fede; Guitar Carter; Drums


13 BATS ................................................ Potencial Hardcore (2009)

PUNK PHYSICAL THERAPY ..................... Potencial Hardcore (2011)

THE REVENGE OF THE SUN ................... Potencial Hardcore (2013)

GLOBOTOX (SINGLE 7 ") ....................... Potencial Hardcore, released in Spain and China (2014)

OUT OF THE CAVE (live) ........................Potencial Hardcore (2015)

NEXT MOVE ................................. .........Potencial Hardcore (2018)

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Opinião verificadaAssistiu o 17/01/2020
13bats y klobber
Si no has tenido oportunidad de ver a 13bats en directo todavía te falta algo por hacer
Concierto De Dos Grupazos...13bats Levantan Al Público Y Hacen Que No Paren De Bailar Hasta El Final.Una Pasada. Yeahhh


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Nicky Santoro

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