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Marie Antoinette. Holzmarktstraße 15-18, 10179 Berlin, Alemania. Veure mapa



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Due to recent safety measures regarding Covid-19 announced by most governments, all dates in our upcoming european tour are postponed. We’re really looking forward to playing for you, but we have opted for this measure taking into account the current situation.

In the next days, we will contact ticket buyers with updated information regarding new dates or refund processes.

Thank you for your understanding.



Debido a las recientes medidas anunciadas por los gobiernos sobre el Covid-19, nos vemos obligados a posponer todas las fechas de nuestra gira europea. Tenemos muchísimas ganas de ir a tocar para vosotros pero hemos optado por esta medida teniendo en cuenta la situación actual.

En los próximos días contactaremos vía email con aquellos que habéis comprado vuestra entrada para informar sobre las futuras fechas y/o procesos de devolución de su importe.

Gracias por vuestra comprensión.


SIAMES - Berlín 

Marie Antoinette

The argentinian Indie Rock/ Pop duo formed by STÖLTZ (Singer, Songwriter & Graphic Artist) and BLAKK (Piano, Synths, Songwriter & Producer) will perform live in London, playing songs from their debut album, and introducing new ones from the upcoming album "HOME".

The Duo will be accompanied by Gonzo Rooster on guitars, Nikko Taranto on Drums, and introducing Barbie Williams from Berlin, as female lead singer. 

On August 2016, SIAMÉS self-released "BOUNCE INTO THE MUSIC" and the animated music videos of 'The Wolf' and "Mr. Fear" became a completely organic viral sensation on YouTube with more than 100 M views. 

Their latest release, "SUMMER NIGHTS", has an 80's Synth-Pop vibe and continues with the animated videos legacy and trade mark, made once again by the talented studio RUDO Co., involving friendship, innocence and nostalgia as main subjects of this emotional clip that reached its first Million views only one week away from its release. 

It's impossible to discuss SIAMÉS and their career to date without mentioning their audience. SIAMÉS songs and animated videos have spawned hundreds of fan-art entries, covers and countless comments with theories about the meaning of the songs and clips.

En aquest cas el promotor no ha especificat la política d'accés a menors, si tens qualsevol dubte, t'animem et posis en contacte directament amb ell.



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